Is pregnancy massage safe? 

Massage may be received in all stages of pregnancy with a certified prenatal massage therapist, such as Christie Elwood. Your general health and any pregnancy conditions will be discussed with you prior to your session. Should there be any concerns, it will be discussed with your physician prior to any massage. 

Learn Self-Care for Home 

Not only will you benefit from immediate relief during your massage session, but Christie will teach you ways to be more comfortable at home. This includes positioning of pillows for a well-deserved good night’s sleep and postural suggestions to help alleviate back pain or show you easy techniques to assist you in-between sessions.

Prepare for Labor 

Frequent massage visits throughout pregnancy will increase your awareness of any tension in your body and you will learn how to release it. This will be extremely beneficial in the delivery room. You can also prepare for labor by practicing relaxation techniques and exercises specifically designed to assist in your increased confidence and control necessary for a smoother delivery.

Post Delivery Massage 

Postpartum massage helps to increase your energy after an exhausting labor and delivery, reduces tension and soreness, and provides emotional support and encouragement for all the changes your body is going through. If you are nursing, tension can effect your milk letdown. The reduction of tension and stress will help both you and your baby with any nursing difficulties as well as give you an overall sense of well being. 

Scheduling your first postpartum massage will depend on your experience of labor and delivery, as well as your recovery. You are encouraged to talk with Christie and your physician about when the time is best for you. Your baby is always welcome to our postpartum sessions!


I like that you talked with me before my massage to find out my specific needs during my pregnancy!


I feel comforted and nurtured in your care. 

- Sue

I'm pretty modest and I wasn't sure how I'd stay comfortable while pregnant, but you made me feel at ease. Thank you! 


Packages are discounted for care throughout your pregnancy:

3 PACK $240 ($15 savings)

5 PACK  $390 ($35 savings)

10 PACK $765 (get a massage FREE)